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Moving your business successfully onto the Web is more than just putting up a web page. It is a comprehensive business development process that takes place in 2 ways.

Setting up your Presence in the
World Wide Web
The web hosting process

Setting up a Corporate Image
Developing your Website

The web development process

Setting up your Presence in the World Wide Web

The process of establishing a presence in the world world web is akin to setting up your office with a legitimate mailing address.... the the virtual world. It puts you within reach of everbody....
in the world.

Step 1
Creating your Indentity

Choosing a domain name as your unique identity in the world wide web. All businesses would require a business name for corporate identity. In this case the name is in the form of or its equivalence depending on your choice of registration.

Step 2
Choosing a Web Server
Choosing a webhosting company to host your domain name. In the real world, a business would require a official office space to accrue an physical address to the business. In the virtual world, a web server is akin to renting an office space for your domain name. It will provide a working address for your domain name.

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Step 3
Registering your domain name
Registering your domain name to establish to establish your corporate identity in the world wide web. Registration with the official registrar for your preferred domain is to provide you with a legitimate corporate name and virtual office space in the world wide web.

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Step 4
Setting up your emails
You can now be contacted through your virtual domain by your own unique email address for example, Simply configure your email to send or receive mail.
Step 5
Setting up your website
Your next step is to make your presence felt and accessible to all through the development of your website. Setting up your Corporate Image and Developing your Website.


Understanding the Website Development Process
Step 1
Understand your business

Understand your products, your market, your work flow.

Step 2
Define the website content
Decide what content should appear on the website.
Step 3
Do information design
Design data structures and information presentations that work.
Step 4
Create the Website
Merge art, technology, intelligence, and creativity to create your website that delivers your information effectively to the world.
Step 5
Launch the website!
Suit up for the press conference (you, not us.. well, us too, if you like).

Getting started on Domain Registration & Hosting and progressing with Website Development

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